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Integrate PRUEFSTER as Moodle Tool

The integration allows Administrators in Moodle to connect an Exam in EURO with a course in Moodle. Students are registered automatically in EURO when they open the integrated tool in their Moodle course.
The integration works with Moodle 3 and 4.

Part A: Add PRUEFSTER Plugin in Moodle

You must add the PRUEFSTER plugin to your Moodle environment, to make the tool available in your courses. You need to do this just once, when setting up the system(s).
Step 1: Get LTI registration link in EURO

Go to “Profile” in the EURO navigation > Click on “Show link” in the LTI registration section > Copy the link.

Step 2: Open tool settings

Go to “Site administration” in your Moodle settings > Choose tab “Plugins” > Select “Manage tools” in the section “External tool”. You should now get an input field for registration links.

Step 3: Add tool and activate

Insert the LTI registration link you copied in Step 1 > Click “LTI Advantage”. The tool should now be displayed in your tool list. Click “Activate” to enable it.

Part B: Insert EURO into a Moodle Course

To connect courses in Moodle with exams in EURO, you need to insert the PRUEFSTER plugin as an external tool into your Moodle course. You need to do this for every course you want to connect.
Step 1: Choose tool

Open the Moodle course you want to connect. Click “Add an activity or resource” > Choose “External Tool” from the list of all resources.

Step 2: Configure tool
  1. Set an “Activity name” (can be anything).
  2. Set the “Preconfigured tool” selection to “LTI - EURO” in the dropdown list.
  3. Set the “Tool URL” to “https://lti.europruefster.com”
    (or lti.testing.euro.pruefster.com when using the testing environment of EURO).
  4. Set the “Launch container” selection to “New window” in the dropdown list.

Part C: Using the tool as Administrator or Student

The plugin checks the user role when the user clicks on the tool link displayed in the Moodle course. It will behave different for both of the roles.
Step 1: Creating Exam as Administrator

When you click on the tool as Administrator, you will be forwarded to the Exam creation page in EURO (You must be logged in as a user in EURO to be forwarded correctly).

The “External ID” value is automatically set by the integration. It can´t be changed, as it identifies the connection between the exam in EURO and the course in Moodle.

Step 2: Starting as a Student

When you click on the tool as Student, you will be registered in the exam that was set by the Administrator and the session link opens automatically.

The first opening will lead to the system check, that allows students to checks their systems technically.

After the check is completed, the student will enter the exam session, when clicking on the tool link.